Monday, March 24, 2008


This is why I'm voting Obama 08!

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Adam said...

I'm glad you're blogging again! I wish I could view this Obama video, but I guess the connection here at DCS isn't cutting the mustard. People can harp on Jeremiah Wright all they want, but all pastors say some wacko stuff if you listen closely. According to Jerry Falwell, the gays caused 911. I could go on and on about pastors that I know, but that would not be productive. We really don't know these candidates yet. All that we've seen is dirt being thrown back and forth, mostly by the Clinton camp. When the dems finally choose their nominee then the real race can begin. The major issue of 2008 is the economy, (and let's stay the hell out of Iran!). I don't think Mccain would make the right decisions on either of those issues. I really do hope that Obama gets the nomination because if not I may have to vote for Mccain as a default. And now to local politics, "I believe in Harvey Dent."