Thursday, August 7, 2008

McLaren and Obama

Brian McLaren has recently offered his support of Senator Obama for President.

I'm not sure that I have decided on who my vote will go to, and I'm not sure that it even matters all that much. My position as a pastor influences my decision not to share who I am supporting for political office, or to share with others who I vote for. I keep this information close to the vest, because of my position that a church, nor it's representatives should be in the business of overtly promoting political candidates. Rather I would like to see the church seriously engage in the political issues of our day, beyond the issues of abortion and gay-marriage.

I must say that I am drawn to Obama for several reasons. First he offers a breath of fresh air into the political scene. He's not a Washington insider, having served in the Senate for only 2 years. This may be seen by some as a weakness, his lack of political acumen being a hindrance to his electability, but I see it as someone with fresh eyes coming on the scene.

As a Christian I feel I must be anti-war. I have trouble being a full fledged pacifist, but I'm not on the side that supports the United States being the unilateral keeper of peace and capitalism in the world. I have a hard time supporting a presidential candidate who wants to keep the country in war, especially a war in which the reasons for going into war are spotty at best.

As a Christian I am also pro-poor. I believe that budgets are moral statements. The tax cuts that benefit the rich, while hindering the poor from receiving tax breaks are simply Un-Christian. It's time that Christians in America recognize this fact, and stand up and make their voice heard. We will not continue to support policies that leave the poor without the means to support themselves. Those who work a full time job should be able to support themselves.

Does Obama really represent a more holistic Christian world-view on some of the key issues? That remains to be seen. I am looking for a President who is willing to challenge the current administrations failings, and one that has a clear vision of the future.

This presidential election will be an interesting one, and I'm not sure who I will vote for. Sometimes I think I should just put an "undecided" sign in my yard. But I know this, I am one Christian in America who is calling for a candidate that will hold to policies that are moral across the board. I'm looking for a candidate who will protect the sanctity of life, from the cradle to the grave. I'm looking for a president who will only use war as a last resort. I'm looking for a president who cares about the environment, and our role as the stewards of God's creation. I'm looking for a president who will help the poor, and recognize that it's a sin for Americans to have millions of children starving in their cities. I'm looking for a president who will create a fair tax code that will not benefit the rich, while the poor starve. Is Obama that man? I'm not quite sure yet, and I'm not sure that either candidate will have all the answers, but what I am sure of is that we need a new direction in this country.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Fair tax benefits the everyone, the poor best of all.

You're looking for a president who supports the Fair tax.