Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Questions and Doubts

I sometimes wonder what questions are out of bounds...

You know, never talk politics and religion, because your only headed for a fight.

I wonder if there are questions we are not permitted to ask God. In my life, I've asked God some difficult questions, and at times doubted His answers.

I always hesitate when sharing my doubts with others, sometimes I worry that my position will cause others to doubt their own faith.

But at the same time, I wonder if expressing your doubts openly and honestly is a way to encourage faith. If faith is a relationship, and the Christian life a journey, then are we not all on that journey, experiencing ups and downs, good times and bad times, times of great faith, and times where our faith is dwarfed by that of a mustard seed.

If faith is a journey, doubts are a necessary junction in that journey. Being free from doubt and questions may mean that your faith is stagnant.

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