Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gospel of Sin Management

So much of our energy is spent on the avoidance of sin at all costs. We make Christianity about the avoidance of wrong behavior and the breaking of all bad habits.

Is our energy wasted?

The Christian life is not about avoiding that which is evil, but rather grasping for and attaining that which is good.

We are all called to discipleship, a long strenuous process of growth and following our master. We are not called to spend our lives ridding ourselves of individual sins. We are called to something so much greater.

As Christians we need to always be searching after that which is better.

Our call in the here and now is to reflect the image and the glory of God. We look forward to the return of God and the renewal of all things. One day our earth will completely reflect the glory of God and will be rid of the damage and stain of sin.

We reflect the glory of God not by engaging in a private pietistic personal spirituality, but rather by engaging in the world and doing the good work of the kingdom.

A private faith is only beneficial for the individual.

We should certainly flee sin and attempt to live our lives in the way Jesus. But if our faith stops there it does not challenge and change the world we live in.

We are agents in the kingdom of God. God has placed all his eggs in our basket. He has given us the greatest responsibility, to reflect His image for all to see.

Working to live a less sinful life is good, but living out our faith in the public square is far better.

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